When I work at a client’s office, I typically bring a Ziploc bag of adapters and charger cables for my laptop & phone, since I often don’t know what I’ll need until I get there. (Lightning to VGA for video? Check! Micro USB cable for Mophie? Check!) It’s a tangle of stuff to carry and not the most elegant way to do so. So this compact Brunton Power Knife might be just the thing if you’re traveling with multiple charge cables.

Carrying every charge cable you might need, this Swiss Army Knife lookalike has an simple, intuitive form factor and includes a micro USB, an Apple Lightning and 30-pin adapters, and a USB plug with for plugging the whole thing into a computer or charge pack. The Knife weighs in at 8.7 ounces, is TSA friendly, and simplifies carrying multiple cables and prevents messy cord tangles.

$25 at B&H