Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 12.15.43 PMIf you’ve upgraded to InDesign CC 2015 you may have noticed that Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite tools are missing. No Folio Builder or Folio Overlays and no Folio Preview Settings. Where did DPS go? This week, Adobe announced its revamped next version of DPS, now named the Digital Publishing Solution.

The new DPS has been completely rebuilt and provides a brand new interface for building apps as well as metrics for tracking app traffic.

What’s in the new version? Here are a few highlights:
•Flexible layouts give designers the ability to create customized, intuitive apps without having to do any coding.
•Content is now grouped together into “collections” and these collections are easily and seamlessly delivered to mobile devices.
•Apps created with the new DPS run on smartphones and tablets using all major mobile operating systems: iOS, Android and Windows.
•Use HTML design tools or content management systems like Drupal and WordPress to make your content delivery seamless and simple.
•A migration path is offered to existing DPS users so they can transfer their folio content to the new tools.
•Provides integration with Adobe Marketing Cloud to get information like marketing funnel conversion rates and tracking of app traffic.

Currently the product is in public beta, which means that you can sign up and start playing around with the new version right now.

New customers can purchase the Adobe Digital Publishing Solution later this summer. When that becomes available, existing customers will have access to the new product under the terms of their existing licenses. Until then, try it out and see what you think!