Adobe InCopy Collaborative Editorial Workflow

Bridge InCopy and InDesign using the Adobe InCopy Collaborative Editorial Workflow.

Adobe InCopy Collaborative Editorial WorkflowCreating a publication requires carefully-managed collaboration among writers, editors, designers & production staff, all of whom are working to meet critical deadlines. But to meet those deadlines, a workflow can be inefficiently cobbled together with Microsoft Word, Adobe InDesign, and multiple rounds of paper proofs. This can lead to delays and compromised quality. A more efficient solution using Adobe InCopy’s Collaborative Editorial Workflow gives a creative staff more time for quality of their work and less focus on the logistics of the process.

Adobe InCopy seamlessly integrates with Adobe InDesign, providing collaboration tools for small to medium-sized workgroups. (For large workgroups, consider the more powerful features of the vjoon k4 Publishing Platform). Copywriters and editors can style text, track changes, and make other modifications to text while designers work simultaneously on the same layout in InDesign. All without overwriting each other’s contributions. And all collaborators can easily view exactly how copy and layout appear throughout the entire workflow.

Reduce review-and-revision cycles between editors and designers, improve editorial control over copy, and get your publications to market faster!

How it works:

Making the transition to an InCopy workflow is surprisingly easy. InDesign CC contains all the tools necessary for design and production staff to participate in the workflow, so all that’s needed is to install InCopy CC on the editorial workstations. InCopy can be integrated at any stage of the editorial process. An editor may begin composing a story directly in InCopy or may choose to import finished content created in Word and use InCopy only for late-stage copyfitting in the layout.

Adobe InCopy Collaborative Editorial Workflow

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