Multi-Channel Publishing

Be wherever your customers are. At any time, on any platform!

Multi-channel publishingYour customers want to find you and your content in any number of ways: through print, on the web, via social media and on their smartphones and tablets. So, when you create content, it’s important that it adapt quickly and efficiently to those output channels.

This sounds like a challenge! But whatever content you create, Flux Consulting can help you publish it to the right channels. We will collaborate with you to develop or update a workflow, help you find the right hardware and software for your project and then train your creative staff to get the most out of the system.

vjoon K4® Publishing Platform

vjoon K4® is the ideal cross-media publishing system for creative and editorial teams to collaborate efficiently. It is a versatile, powerful system that lets you deliver your content to print, tablet, Web or any other output channel – whether you produce magazines, newspapers, sales and marketing material, annual reports or books.

vjoon’s unique multi-channel publishing concept has the advantage of letting publishers create and enrich content according to the requirements of the individual output channel and still have all videos, pictures, articles and layouts centrally managed and retrievable within vjoon K4®. In vjoon K4®, content is not simply reused for different channels. Instead, it is adapted to the different demands of specific media, including Web sites, print publications and tablets.

Adobe InDesign™ Server

Adobe InDesign™ Server software is a layout and composition engine that powers automated publishing solutions. Based on InDesign software, it offers the ability to automate the design, layout, and typographical capabilities of the desktop application and deliver the same output quality you would expect from Adobe Creative Suite software.

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