We want you to sleep well at night.

vjoon k4 publishing system, training & multichannel publishing

For us, being a great technology partner means you can go to sleep at night and not worry that things won’t be working in the morning. Flux provides the workflow consulting, training, vjoon k4 integration and support to help give you  publishing technologies you can count on.

Since 1996, we’ve been helping our customers become the best in their industry. We’re a leader in technology consulting, training and multi-channel publishing systems — and we’re Adobe experts. So sleep well, knowing that you’ve chosen the right technology partner!

vjoon K4®

The ideal platform for professional content creators. Create and deliver content seamlessly to make your print or digital publishing workflows efficient and cost-effective.


Get the skills you need to be creative and productive! We teach the country’s top creative professionals in the skills they need, including customized training for corporate groups as well as one-on-one training for busy executives. Adobe InDesign, InCopy, Microsoft PowerPoint, etc. Our trainers have real-world experience in design and publishing and are certified in the programs they teach.

Multi-Channel Publishing

Leverage your creative content for a variety of platforms and mediums: web, print, tablet, mobile and licensing.


The Flux Eyedropper Tool for Adobe InDesign® lets you pick up colors and formatting without switching tools! Access InDesign’s Eyedropper tool on the fly to format objects or text without having to switch between tools with the mouse.