Creating eBooks with Adobe InDesign™

Design and produce professional-looking eBooks for EPUB and Kindle.

ebooks50% of Americans now own either a tablet or e-reader. In 2012, the sales of fiction books reached 1.8 billion. And American publishers are now bringing in more revenue from ebooks than hardcover books. There’s no question that eBooks are the future of book publishing.

So, when creating and distributing your own eBooks, you’ll want to want to make sure they project a professional, polished image — and are easily accepted by publishers like Apple & Amazon. Our eBooks class will help give you the skills you need!

Course Overview

In this course, you will learn how to design and produce an eBook using Adobe InDesign™ and Adobe Dreamweaver™. Once you’ve mastered the creation of an eBook, you’ll learn how to prepare the file for both EPUB and Kindle formats.

The 2-day eBooks course covers the following:

  • Becoming familiar with eBooks and eBook publishing
  • Understanding the EPUB and Kindle formats
  • Designing an eBook using Adobe InDesign
  • Working with images, styles and layout order
  • Creating a cover image
  • Adding audio and video to your eBook
  • Exporting an eBook to the EPUB format
  • Previewing an eBook in Adobe Digital Editions, iTunes and iPad/iPhone
  • Validating an EPUB book
  • Converting an EPUB book to Kindle format


The eBooks class is two days long, typically running from 10am to 5pm. This provides ample time for students to learn the program’s features as well as practice them at a comfortable pace.


We offer group classes on-site at your office or we can arrange custom classes for small groups in our office. We also offer customized one-on-one training for individuals ($150/hr.)

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